Way of the Sun Soul Training

Re-wire your subconscious for a happy life
Align with positive trends of this world
Construct positive lifestyle choices
Learn about negative emotions
Financial well being
... and much more!
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About the course

What is it like to be a Sun, warming everyone around with the energy of your inner transformation and creating around yourself an atmosphere of goodness, comfort and warmth?

It was in 2019 when I was looking at the sun asking myself this question. By that time I’ve already had thousands of hours of work on my self-development, an incredible number of books and hundreds of lessons in psychokinetics, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation, the study of Kabbalistic teachings, Buddhism, hypnotherapy, not to mention hundreds of hours of work with clients.

There is no doubt I had to grow to this moment, when the Ego scales from my eyes have fallen and I encountered my hitherto unknown inner desire – Is it possible to shine for the benefit of myself and the world?

How to manifest my potential in this universe as constructively as possible and to tune myself with the positive trends of this world processes?

I started this quest by myself, but I am happy to share its results with you, as I feel that it is time to further enrich my and your existence.

Every single of you, followers, clients, ordinary people motivated me to take this step. Questions led to answers; sessions led to systematization of acquired knowledge; my sense of responsibility for your transformation kept me in continuous touch with you – and I noticed the need of a comprehensive life map, that would bring light over your behavioral algorithms, their synergy with the rhythm of this universe and your inner processes.

The “Way of the Sun Soul” training, which will last one month starting from January 15, 2021, will contain 8 interactive classes.

Course Outline

  • The meaning of life. Constructive and destructive lifestyles and their side effects. Voluntary or forced evolution (watch for pitfalls)
  • Life hygiene on all levels of reality. Life resourcing levels and their polarity.
  • Love as universal force that holds everything and everyone in unity. Levels of expression of love as an indicator of consciousness development degree.
  • Attunement and engagement with constructive and destructive environmental trends. The law of resonance as a mechanism of your reality co-creation. The collective unconscious (egregores) and our subconscious connection with it.
  • Algorithms of dealing with negative emotions and thoughts.
  • Harmonious or exhausting relationships between partners and their impact on children. Synergy in relationships as basis for sustainable development in a couple.
  • Financial well-being and life path. Real or imaginary goals. What do we really need?
  • Mechanisms for goals setting and implementing.
  • Neurographic art – how to seduce our subconscious into the realization of our dream and how to integrate its realization into World processes.
  • Meditation and prayer. Shapeless meditation as key to harmony.
  • How to stay centered in this ever-changing world.

Meditation and Q&A

During this online training I will answer all your questions on above topics or your personal life situations. We will practice breathing techniques and shapeless meditation. I will guide you through overcoming the crisis of your habitual thinking stereotypes and behavioral patterns.

This training will help someone to start from scratch, others to accelerate. It will help you create your unique reality from the thin canvas of this universe, so that life of people surrounding you becomes as warm and bright as your inner light.

Yes, this is just the beginning. Those who will be able to adopt this new picture of the reality in their lives, will have the opportunity to participate in a more advanced course “Practicum” where we will study how to engage inner and external energy flows in our daily lives (ups… I’ve spilled the beans))))